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About Me


Hi There! I'm Bankky

Welcome to

I love sharing DIY tutorials and creating crafts how to make easy beautiful, handmade things.


It’s hard to believe it’s been 4 years since I created this website in January 2018, Looking back a lot of things had happened I grew and learn so much!

Especially my heart ❤️ I felt like it’s grew twice as big as before! I even learn how to play ukulele in May 2021! And now 2022 I start drawing. One day the weird calling from inside of me saying that I  have to start it now! 😂 so I did, Let’s see how it goes. 


Crafting is my creative outlet and sometimes stress relief as a busy mom!

For as long as I can remember I have always been creating.

But is all started In 2012 I taught myself how to crochet and later on …sewing…knitting…carving stamp and many more,

I believe a human can learn everything if you want it too... no matter how old you are, I always said to myself


You Never Know what Craft will bring you!”

I hope my crafts somehow help and inspire you.


As I writing right now I know exactly what I want for  my life…besides learning about myself and being a wife, a mother, I also want to give out to the world in the way that I can. When I was younger I thought I only can help others people when I have more money or when I know more but I learned that I was wrong, I could help anyone with where I am and with what I have right now. And that enough! That’s why I keep this website running for free and available for everyone that needs 😊 as least that’s what I can do for me and for you! 


Thank you for all of you that support me, my website and my YouTube channel. To help push me forward, to remind me that I am good enough. And for all the emails and comments THANK YOU! 


Last, I Thanks all to my lovely Husband “Kazuki” The Love of my Life, my Fabulous Electrical engineer, who always kind, support and understanding!

(And I knew I am a lot of work 😅 )


As a wife and mom of 4 kiddos, all of whom are growing up much too soon! 

Be a Mother is never easy but I think... the most important is to KEEP BEING YOURSELF! No matter How Busy you are, Don't forget to do more of what makes you HAPPY! 

My days are busy but I always find time to make something crafty. 

I am a gratefully unemployed mom 

The kids are now in 2021, 14 (Brownie), 9 (Amie), and 7 years old twins (James and Jaden) 



If you have questions or want to share your crafts project with me feel free to contact me here

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