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Boho Peasant Blouse

Updated: Jan 11, 2023

If I have to choose the easiest sewing project for a doll to sew this Peasant blouse would be it! You only need 4 pieces of fabric to sew together and a little bit of elastic that it, Peasant blouse is one of the first sewing dress I made for my girls when they were little I still remember I got the cheapest flowery pink fabric from Walmart it's on sale for $2 per yard I told myself if I ruin it is not gonna cost me that much and is turn out pretty nice :) I think. Well, I hope you enjoy the patterns and tutorials and because it's so easy and again super fast to make it's a shame not to give it a try!

Video Tutorial

***Use 1/4” seam allowances

1. With right side together pin and stitch sleeves to the armholes of blouse front and back (leaving one side of the armhole open)

*Optional but recommended finish raw edges with a serger or zigzag stitch


2. Press under 1/4 inch hem on the neck edge and fold again 3/8 inch to make a casing and Stitch close to the edge.


3. Insert a safety pin into one end of the elastic. Push the safety pin inside the casing gently pulling the elastic along and pin to hold it in place


4. Pin and stitch sleeve armhole to blouse back. Fold the seam on one side and sew a couple of stitches to keep it in place.


5. On sleeves press under 1/2 inch then fold under again and stitch close to the edge.


6. Fold the blouse in half matching the front back and sleeves edge together; pins and stitch the side seam.


7. On the bottom edge press under 1/2 inch then fold under again and stitch close to the edge.



You also can Make wrinkles by twisted the blouse and iron it.

Or you can try frayed edge this on are my favorite!

For Frayed edge before you sew the side seam together Use the sharp point of a straight pin or needle to help pick each thread. Working one side at a time, pull out the threads on the edge one by one until you have reached about 1/2 inch. pins and stitch the side seam.


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4 commentaires

05 juin 2022

Bonjour, un grand MERCI pour ce patron gratuit ; très agréable et en plus une vidéo superbe pour moi qui suis débutante en couture. Bises de France


Elaine Cook Christensen
Elaine Cook Christensen
14 oct. 2021

Thank you for the free patterns.


19 août 2020

Thank you so much for the tutorials and free patterns, me and my 9 yr old daughter

managed to finish our peasant blouse Today with

no experience.


02 juil. 2020

This shirt is just darling! Your tutorials are the best! Easy to see just what needs to be done to make the patterns successfully and keep the sewing room a happy place! Can’T wait to get in there and make this. A big THANK YOU once again!

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