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Bow knotted Sandals

Updated: Jan 11, 2023

Summer is coming soon I'm thinking about getting new cute Sandals for me but then I realize maybe is not a good time to spend money so I thought...Emm I could make it for dolls instead using what I already have in my sewing room, It's turn out pretty cute and again very easy to make. 😊 I hope you guys enjoy this tutorial, Take Care💕

Video Tutorial

General Materials I used :

  • Cotton fabric about 13” x 8”

  • Cereal box

  • Foam Board

  • Ribbon

  • Hot glue


1. With the fabric on fold right side together trace the pattern and marking point.


2. Cut ribbon about 3 Inches then cut in half for pull tab on the back of the shoe,

Fold the ribbon in half then insert it on marking point in the middle make sure the edge of the ribbon over the pattern line for seam allowance about 1/4” and pin.


3. Sew along the pattern line but leaving the bottom open.


4. Trim along pattern line 1/8” away from the stitch.


5. Turn the right side out and press.


6. Edgestitch along the side and top of the shoes, for the bottom, stitch 1/4” away from the edge.


7. Trim 1 layer of seam allowance and set aside.


8. Using a cereal box cut out the inner sole, Cut fabric a little bigger than a sole and hot glue together.


9. Hot glue side of the shoe to the inner sole.


10. Trace the shoe on the foam board for outer sole cut it out, you can use sandpaper for smooth the edge, Hot glue shoe to the outer sole.


11. Hot glue ribbon all around the shoe.


12. Tie the knot in front of the shoe and you’re Done!


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9 comentarios

21 mar

Hi there, thanks for the free pattern! I'll be making some soon!

Me gusta

Ruth Thompson
Ruth Thompson
08 may 2023

Love the pattern thank you. I did find the bow very hard to tie. Maybe I will make them a little longer next time.

Me gusta

Marianne Schlenther
Marianne Schlenther
06 dic 2022

I just love this! Thank you fir sharing!

Me gusta

Mimi Calder
Mimi Calder
13 jul 2021

You were such an inspiration! What a great pattern! Thank you so much!

This was fun and so rewarding! Can't wait to give these to my granddaughter for her dolls!

Me gusta

Mimi Calder
Mimi Calder
12 jul 2021

Just found your tutorial and pattern and I'm in awe! Great job. I'm going to give it a try. Thanks!

Me gusta
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