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Cardboard toaster Tutorials

Updated: Jan 11

Today I made cardboard toaster for my little chef then I decided to cover the cardboard with felt and whip stitch the whole thing also I give a little detail on the front, moveable button, and lever inside the toaster to make the slices of bread pop out!

It's taken me about 4 hours from start to finish. in my opinion Hand stitch really make the toaster stand out I Love the hand made looks but the most important it's make me feel special to be able to make toys for my kids to play.... at the end my kids have fun and I have something to do 

Things I use for this project 

  • Cardboard

  •  Felt, needle, thread 

  • Hot glue

  • Pipe cleaner

  • Popsicle stick (from Dollar Tree)


1. Making toaster controlled button


2. The top part of the toaster


3. The right side of the toaster


4. The left side of a toaster


5. The bottom part of the toaster


6. The Back of toaster


7. Lever part inside the toaster


8. Hot Glue toaster together and trim


9. whip stitch all around the edges 














Thanks for stopping by

and allowing me to share a little of my passion

I Hope You Have a nice day!

And don't forget to Do more of what makes you happy!


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