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Crochet Puff Sleeves For 18" Doll

Updated: Mar 1, 2023

PS. the printable patterns are at the bottom of the page!

Video Tutorial


- Crochet hook size 4.0 mm

- 4 Medium-weight yarn

- Crochet markers

- Button

- Tapestry needle

- Fabric Fabric/ Fray check

- Scissors


ch - Chain

sc - single crochet

dc - double crochet

3dc tog - 3 double crochet together

sl st - slip stitch

sk - skip

st(s) - stitch(es)

Rep - repeat

blo - back loop only


-This pattern is (US Terms)

-The chain at the beginning of each row does count as dc stitch.

-To avoid the gap at the beginning of the row I use the Alternate Turning chain instead of Ch3.

Foundation Ch 52

Row 1 : [ch 3 (counts as 1 dc) [1 dc, 2 dc next st] = 78 dc

Row 2 : Turn (ch 3 counts as 1 dc) 1 dc next 13 sts, sk 15 sts, 1 dc next 22 sts, sk 15 sts, 1 dc next 13 sts = 48 dc. Place stitch markers onto the 1st and 15th skip stitches on the armholes.

Row 3 - 6 : Turn (ch 3 counts as 1 dc) dc in every sts = 48 dc

Straight edged

Row 7 : Turn (ch 3 counts as 1 dc) dc in every sts = 48 dc

Scallop edged

Row 7 : Turn, Ch1, [1sc, sk 2 sts, 7 dc in the same sts, sk 2 sts] Rep []

Row 8 : Ch1, slst along the opening edge.

Row 9 : Turn, Ch3, sk 2 sts, slst blo next 3 sts, Ch3, sk 2 sts, slst blo the remaining sts and bottom edges, Fasten off.

Sleeves part

Row 1 : Attach the yarn close to the right side of stitch marker and Ch3 then 1 dc in the same space, 2 dc in the next space, rep 4 times. (You should have 12 dc between stitch markers space), 2 dc every remaining stitch, slst on top of ch3 = 42 dc

Row 2 : Ch3, 1 dc in every stitches, slst on top of ch3 = 42 dc

Row 3 : Ch2, 2 dc tog, [3 dc tog] rep [], slst on top of ch3 = 14 sts

Row 4 -5 : Ch1, 1 sc in every sts, slst on top of 1st sc = 14 sc, Fasten off.

Follow the same steps on sleeves pattern on the other side, Fasten off weave in ends. Sew in the buttons and use fabric glue to secure the knots.


For the ruche, V neck shape weaves the yarn into the middle of the top of 3rd row and tie the knot.



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