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Easy Peasy Felt Coat & Beret Hat

Updated: Sep 24

I love to work with felt its inexpensive material and very easy to sew with and no need to worry about raw-edged. Normally I don't use felt for doll clothes but because I want to get rid of the big piece of felt dark green one that I own for a while somehow the color makes me sad, so I think hard and come up with the idea of ..."I wonder how fast I could sew something cute for the doll with this miserable green?" Snip snap with my magic wand and sewing hour later I made these cute little coats and beret! I'm surprised how well it turned out!

Well, in the end, the green felt doesn't make me sad anymore instead it's giving me a great idea to make very cute and easy coats, Thanks green felt and I'm sorry I said you were miserable.

Video Tutorial


  • Felt for the 18 inch doll you will need about 18”x23” and for 14” dolls 14”x17”

  • The bodice and sleeves of this coat are cut in one piece

  • For coat fold felt in half and half again and cut then cut the opening at the center front

  • To find center of the piece fold the fabric in half then make a little clip to make a notch.

  • Use 1/4” seam allowances

Cut out all the pieces.

1. Pin the collar on the coat neckline matching notch on the center; stitch.


2. Fold seam allowances toward the bottom of the coat; on the right side edgestitch along the seam line.


3. Fold the coat in half matching the front and sleeves edge together; pins and stitch.


4. Clip the corner at underarm; turn the coat right side out. The basic coat is done!


Optional: Pockets

Heart pockets

Heart pockets

Square pockets

Embroidery with beads

You also can make a tie with ribbon and beads.


Sewing Beret

1. Fold Stitch beret sides together.


2. Pin beret sides to the top beret and stitch in a circle; turn beret right side out.

Make small pompom or Cut out a strip of felt to make stem; Stitch to the center of the top of the beret.



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HB14# 18" doll Easy Peasy Felt Coat .pdf

HB14# 14" doll Easy Peasy Felt Coat.pdf


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