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Free Pattern HB44 Emotional Bear

Updated: May 18, 2023

PS. The printable patterns are at the bottom of the page!

It's interesting sometimes how ideas and inspiration happen, This bear tutorial was one of them... A couple of weeks ago I saw my son hugging his favorite little brown bear then I thought I want to make a little bear too! I want to make one with many different sizes that can be sitting down so I can put them on my desk to company me while I am creating, This bear pattern is also a great size for 18", 14", and 6" dolls and also remind me of my son Jaden. Jaden is the youngest one in the family, He hates the fact that he's younger than his twin brother James by just a minute...He's very creative, caring, and a very emotional person. He always tugged me in bed with a double-layer blanket to keep me warm at night, He was the first one who woke up and gives me a kiss on my forehead and say, Good morning Mommy. Jaden always gives me his little arm pillow when we sit close to each other...(That made Daddy jealous of us sometimes) What a lovely human he become, I'm so lucky to get a chance to experience this motherhood life, I'm sure tired but I'm happy and this feels enough.

Video Tutorial


- Felt

- Polyfill stuffing

- Needle

- Embroidery floss

- Heat & Bond Iron-on adhesive


- Use Heat & Bond Iron-on adhesive for easy embroidery on the bear face.

- Add seam allowance to the body patterns if you use a sewing machine.

- Use whip stitch or blanket stitch to finish the edge.

Cut out all the pieces.


1. Place the nose, eyes onto the front piece and sew the nose, eyes to the face using whip stitch; Embroider mouth using an outline stitch.


2. Place both front and upper back together; stitch the ear part using running stitch.


3. Stitch the tail and sew it to the upper back piece


4. Stitch the front and upper back body together.


5. Place the leg piece to the front and stitch.


6. Filling the body with polyfill through the opening; Stitch the bottom opening close.




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