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Cardboard Sword

Updated: Jan 11, 2023

My kids love playing outside but since the COVID happens things change they not even want to sit on the hammock in our backyard anymore, we stay in the house too much. Each day I have to tell them "Is time to go outside I don't care what you do but just stay outside!" The other day they're playing pirate game fighting with a stick I was so happy that they're having fun so I said give me an hour I will make you guy some eyepatch and swords! so I did...that day they spent the entire afternoon playing the game... very soon Fall will be here not sure what Halloween would be like but one thing for sure my little pirates are looking forword for the leafs battle!

Video Tutorial

Materials I used

- Cardboard

- Skewer Sticks

- Heavy Duty Aluminum Foil

- Felt

-Hot Glue Gun

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