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Updated: Jan 11

This was something I made recently

To be honest, the idea was to make a craft space but also I wanted to make my kids a play stand for a long time, It took me maybe four hours I'm not so sure during this project I got a fever for a few days so I lost track of time. Anyway, The possibilities of this play stand seemed endless for what we would create!

This DIY play stand can be a market or grocery store And theater A Bakery shop or lemonade stand, the post office, or a pizza shop.  The top banner is easy to change I made a couple of them

And chalkboard sign you can make up your own play stand and a lot of display shelves for more market shopping! the possibilities are endless!

This was a fun project that I worked on for a few hours at a time after the kids went to bed.  It could probably get done in a couple of days if you had more time to devote to it!  

I just loved re-purposing a cardboard box that would have normally just been thrown away by creating something new give it another chance to be useful.

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