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Ruffled Flutter Sleeve Dress Tutorials For 18" and 14" dolls Free Printable Pattern

Updated: Jan 11

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1. cut all the pattern 10 pieces.  * use 1/4” seam allowances 


2. Pin and Stitch the bodice front and bodice back together at the shoulders 

   Do the same thing for the bodice front lining and back lining. 


3. Fold the armhole wrong side together and press; Gather the armhole ruffles; Press.


4. Pin ruffle to the armhole edge stitch to secure. 


5. Pin lining to the bodice having right sides together and edge even. Stitch along the armhole and then the neckline to the back bodice edge. 


6. Clip the curved, Turn the right side out; press. 


7. Pin bodice front and bodice back sections together at sides; pin lining section together at sides. Stitch in one continuous seam.

The bodice part is Done.


Make skirt

8. Hem on the edge of the skirt and lining. 


9. Gather the upper edge of the skirt and lining.


10. Adjust gathers for matching to the bodice. 


11. Stitch the skirt at the lower center; Press the seam open. 


12. With the skirt's right side together matching center back of the skirt and lining, Pin and stitch the opening edge on the back of the skirt.


13. Put the bodice piece inside between the skirt and lining Pin and stitch.


14. Turn right side out; press.


15. cut Velcro about 2.5" stitch on the back of the dress.


And the cute little dress is Done! I know its a lot of steps for sewing but in the end is all worth it (^_^)

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