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Story Of How My Doll dresses Journey​ Begin...

Updated: Nov 21, 2020


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Where have I been in this past week...well somewhere around my sewing machine. I was busy making these cute little dresses I really couldn’t help myself but keep making it 😁 It’s bring me so much of my childhood memories Happy joys and sadness ....I completely forgot how much I love to play with the doll how I wish I can have all beautiful clothes for my doll but that’s not what happened to me When I was 4-5 year old rI did remember I was playing with the doll My first one... it’s Look  so old but  I didn’t mind playing with it though. I don’t remember how I get that doll but I’m sure Happy I play with it all the time. I wrapped it with the towel or my shirt trying to make something for her  I didn’t have any dress for my doll, My Mommy are GREAT MOM but she can’t sew and  she working all the time  😔  One  day my neighbor made me a doll dress, Can you imagine how happy I am!  The dress color are brown and  simple. I still remember that feeling I’m so Happy I feel so lucky ...My first doll dress, even is passed more than 25 year...but Happiness still there in my memories nobody... know about it Nobody ...can take that away from me ...But eventually I forgot about it Until last week I clean up my fabric shelves Trying to create  something from fabric I don’t want anymore... I ended up made a cute little dress the blue one

Then...the memories of that doll with the brown dress “POPS  UP”  in my Brain!!!

 And I can’t n stop thinking about it! 

At that time I want to make her a dress so bad but I’m just a little girl. 

 I can’t change what was happened ... but I can sew now! 

Pretty good sewing skills  actually 😉 

So.... I made all of these dresses for myself  poor  little girl and her little doll in the past!

From now on  I will keep making dresses all types of clothes 

 because it’s made me very happy 

And is reminds me who I used to be  how far I have become....

I’m not that’s poor little girl anymore

I’m hoping one day in the future 

with the right time and the right girl 

I will give one of these dresses to Some Lucky girls!

Because I know how much one little brown dress can change the girl life 

And now this blue dress will be the part of my Life

Be  another story to tell to my kids and  my friends 

How much I enjoyed making dolls dress...

How I connected the missing dots from my childhood to this Moment of my Life 

Be a Wife of very Loving Husband...and...Mother of 4 beautiful kids 


Few day ago, I asked my Dad if he remember my doll with the brown dress? 

And he found this picture of me 

Aww... I’m so little ☺️ and Look at that smile on my face!


UPDATE 5/1/19

A week ago I discover this Amazing Library located about 15 min drive from my home.

Over here beside book, DVD, boardgame you also could borrow 18" dolls with shoes and other Dolls items to bring home with you. It's warm my heart and I felt thankful for whomever create this program to make a lot of little girl Happy. I know some library had lending the American Girl Historic Doll Collection program but I think many girl just want to play with dolls it's doesn't have to be expensive or anything related with history just dolls with some dresses is good enough...so this is just perfect! at least for me to donate my dolls clothes that I made


many Clothese is old


Here's the 3 dresses and 3 coats I made and donated to the library 😊

Thanks for stopping by

and allowing me to share a little of my passion

I Hope You Have a nice day!

And don't forget to Do more of what makes you happy!


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