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Doll Simple A Line Coat

Updated: Jan 11

Today what I have for you guys is a Simple A-line coat tutorial. This is another Cute and easy project with beautiful finished full body lining, Consider this A Christmas gift from me (^_^) Hope you enjoyed it! Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday Everyone!

Love, Bankky

PS. the printable patterns are at the bottom of the page!

Video Tutorial


  • Fold the sleeves pattern part before cutting the fabric for the lining.

  • 1/4”(0.6cm) seam allowance are included

Cut out all the pieces.


1. Stitch the collar together, leaving the neck edge open, Clippings the corners trim seam allowance; Turn the right side out; press.


2. Stitch the back seam together at the center back.


3. Stitch the front section to the back at shoulders upper sleeve edges, trim seam allowance; Press.


4. Stay stitched at the neck edge.


5. Pin and stitch the collar to the bodice matching the center; Trim seam allowance and Clipping neck edges.


6. Prepare the lining in the same manner as steps 1-3.


7. Pin the coat sleeves and the lining with the right side together; Stitch the ends of the sleeves. Trim seam allowance.


8. With the ends of the sleeves connected; Matching and pin the underarm seam and side seam; Stitch. Mark the opening on the lining side seam about 2 inches for turning.


9. Clippings the corners trim the seam allowance.


10. Having right sides together; Pin lining to the coat.


11. Stitch all around the coat along the neck, front opening, and bottom edge.


12. Turn the right side out through the opening; press.


13. Sew ladder stitch to close the opening.


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18" dolls Free Printable HB32 Simple A Line Coat!

14" dolls Free Printable HB32 Simple A Line Coat!


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