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Little House Bottle Cap Pincushion

Updated: Jan 11, 2023

Reuse water bottle cap is one of my to-do lists for years but somehow never got a hand to it. Recently my kids and I, We had a conversation about procrastinating and that reminds me of the bottle cap, I told myself "NO MORE PROCRASTINATE BANKKY! YOU GOT TO MAKE SOMETHING WITH THE BOTTLE CAP TODAY!" 😂 So I did. An hour later I made cute little house pincushion with easy embroidery stitch It was fun so I made a couple more so they could be neighbors then the voice in my head said"Your houses look nice but something definitely missing maybe you should make something for the house to stay on🤔" So I did...I made the base green grass for little houses. These pincushions It looks so beautiful and the good part is Now I know where to put my pincushion and keep them organizes.

PS. the printable patterns are at the bottom of the page!

Video Tutorial



Polyester Poly-Fil

Foam board or cardboard

Embroidery Floss or threads

Gallon water or milk bottle caps

Stitches Used:

Whip Stitch

Fly Stitch

Lazy Daisy Stitch

Chain Stitch

French Knot


Cut out all pieces according to patterns.


1. Working on outer of the house put a door in the middle, windows on the left and right; pin or hot glue to secure it in place.


2. Whipstitch around the door part then use french knot stitch for the doorknob.


3. Use long single stitches for windows a vertical one over the length and a horizontal stitch across the width of the window.


4. Use fly stitch to make stems over the door


5. Around window use chain stitch for vines and lazy daisy stitch for leaves.


6. Use french knot for flowers on stems and leaves.


7. Hot glue inner part of the house to bottle cap then wrap the outer house around it;

Align the edges and whip stitch them close.


8. Hot glue piece of felt big enough to cover the bottom of the house; trim and whip stitch.



1. Fold the roof in half and whip stitch.


2. Stuff the house and roof with poly-Fil then sew them together using a whipstitch.

and the house is done!


Base (Optional)

1. Cut foam board or cardboard 1/4" smaller than the base pieces then hot glue to the base and whipstitch around. For the grass cut a long strip and glue to the base Then cut the strip into a zig-zag leaf shape.

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