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The easiest sewing felt pizza

Hello, my crafty friends! If you’re looking for a super easy sewing felt food project to sew this tutorial is for you! No pattern is needed, I hope you enjoy the tutorial.


Video Tutorial

I also made a cardboard pizza oven to go with the pizza

General Materials I used :

  • Felt

  • Thread

  • Poly-fill

Let's start!

  1. Draw 10 inches circle on the felt.


2. Trim around the circle leaving enough room for seam allowance, Cut another piece the same size.


3. Stitch all around the circle line, and trim seam allowance to reduce the bulk.


4. Cut the circle in half.


5. Turn the right side out.


6. Pin the felt in place. Use 3 pins on each semi-circle.


7. To create a pizza crust, stitch the line 1 inch away for the edge.


8. Mark the line at 60º and 120º angles.


9. Cut along the line and now you have 6 slices.


10. Stitch down one side of the pizza.


11. Stuff the crust with poly-fill


12. Pin and stitch the opening close. and the pizza is done!



13. For the topping, I cut a simple rectangle for cheese, ham, and skinny strips for peppers; I cut a 1-inch circle for pepperoni. And make mushrooms from a 1-inch square. for the pizza sauce 1.5 in x 2in long.



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1 Comment

May 31, 2023

I just found this site and 💕love💕 it!!! My greatgrands will love playing with this pizza idea! Thank you so much!

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