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Schoolhouse Doll Dress

Updated: Jan 11, 2023

After I finished Amie's historical dress for her School field trip in May, I have been working on the duplicate miniature sizes dress, It took 5 months! way too long but in the end, I managed to get it done. Along the way, I got distracted so many times 😅 but in a good way, I also tryout and made the tiny dress pattern for a mini 6-inch doll. It's turned out so adorable! So I decided from now on, I will add the 6-inch doll pattern in the tutorial too! And another surprise, I discover is that the 6-inch doll dress pattern I made also fits 22 cm. Licca Chan Japanese doll! My girls got Licca Chan Doll 5 years ago on Christmas from their Grandparent Who lives in japan they called her a Japanese Barbie doll and the funny thing is that I never once made clothes for her, I was amazed to find out Licca Chan can wear the dress too! What a wonderful discovery.

In this tutorial, I want to show you guys another way on sewing the lining on sleeves.

I hope you enjoy this tutorial and Happy SEWING!



PS. the printable patterns are at the bottom of the page!

Cut out all the pieces.


- 1/4" seam allowance included in the pattern.

- Optional but recommended finish raw edges with a serger or zigzag stitch.

Video Tutorial



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Thanks for stopping by

and allowing me to share a little of my passion

I Hope You Have a nice day!

And don't forget to Do more of what makes you happy!


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Patrisia Tendi
Patrisia Tendi
5 hours ago

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So glad I found your site! This is so kind of you to share the patterns! 😊 I'm sewing for dolls and loved what you have. Thanks so much for sharing!



Francine Chouinard
Francine Chouinard

J'adore vos robes je vais m'essayé un gros merci a vous pour se beau partage !

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