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Sewing Historical Dress

Updated: Jan 11, 2023

At my kids, elementary school every year 4th graders got a chance to go on The Eight Square Schoolhouse field trip. It’s a one-room schoolhouse built in 1827 and the kids got to experience living in history and wear historical clothes, I think That’s really cool. And that’s how my sewing skills come in handy! The first dress I made was in 2018 for my eldest daughter (Brownie) when she was in 4th grade, (Look at my drawing then 😂)

and now 2022 it’s my second daughter's (Amie) turn, she’s in 4th grade this year (she growing up too fast!) Amie asked if I could make the dress for her as I made it for Brownie and of course, I said yes! We went to JoAnn together, She choose the fabric she likes everything it’s going so well. I have all the things I need But the problem is…I was so lazy to start the project 😂 sometimes it happened!

Her field trip is On Thursday…I started to work on Monday 😂 I’m pretty sure I can make it!

On Monday (Day 1) I design the dress I painted with watercolor then drafted The patterns and cut the fabric….

On Tuesday (Day 2) I put everything together but right after I finished sewing I wanted to change the design on the front to add a little ruffle on top…so I have to redo it again

After that, I try to figure out how to make the rose from the ribbon but it’s doesn’t work out…time to have plan B so I made this flower and sew beads in the middle, it takes me over an hour (To be honest I almost give up! but I’m glad I didn’t)

On Wednesday …I’m done with the dress and time to move on to bonnet

but after Amie came home from school around 3 pm…she said” Mommy! The matching headband and face mask would be really really cute! Do you think you can make it for me?” I know I could say No, but then I thought of her growing up and not needing my help like she use to…I better take this chance to show her that l I care, so I said yes…(Luckily I didn’t make the bonnet yet)….And 2 hours later…Ta…Da!!!

I’m so drained…but satisfied…I will recover from this soon…and the most important part I made Another great memory for Amie just like I made it For Brownie 4 years ago 🥹🥰😊

It’s Thursday Amie's field trip today! Hooray !!!😁 And is time to show off the dress Mama made 😂 Got a chance to take a couple of pictures before she off to school, Don’t you think She looks lovely? 🥰 She has a great day on the field trip she’s happy I’m happy! It was a good day…

Thanks for stopping by

and allowing me to share a little of my passion

I Hope You Have a lovely day!

And don't forget to Do more of what makes you happy!

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Jul 27, 2022

Thank you so much for the patterns. They are really great!


Jun 14, 2022

I love your ideas for felt appliances and food!

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