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Sewing crochet hook holder

Video Tutorial

Pattern pieces

1. Outer and liner 15 in x 7 in

2. Pocket slots 10.5 in x 6 in

3. Flap top 9.5 in x 3.5 in

4. Vinyl pocket 4 in x 7 in

5. Felt needle holder 3.5 in x 4 in


- I use Magnet closure for the trifold case

- For Roll-up case Cut ribbon for closure: 28 in

- Bias tape cut: 1 in x 40 in

- Use 1/4" seam allowance.


1. Stitch the bias tape to the long side of the vinyl piece. You also can use lace for this.


2. Stitch the clear pocket to the lining piece in place.


3. Fold the seam allowance on the right-hand side of the pocket slot piece then fold it in half.


4. Top stitch along the fold line and then stitch the pocket slots in place.


5. Stitch 1" wide for the pocket slots.


6. On the pocket flap, add felt between the flap pieces; pin and stitch.


7. Clip the curve, turn the flap right side out, and top stitch along the edge.


8. Pin and stitch the flap to the liner piece.


9. Trim excess fabric all around


10. Put the liner piece on top of the outer piece. Add closure, and put magnet snap or ribbon (For the roll-up bag insert the ribbon under the bias tape)


11. Stitch all around the bag to secure everything in place.


12. Pin and stitch bias tape.


13. For the roll-up bag insert the ribbon under the bias tape before stitching the edge.


14. Use a sewing machine or hand stitch to finish the bag.


***Add little charms for extra cuteness on this one :)

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