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Sewing Winter Accessories For Doll

Free Printable patterns are at the bottom of the page!

Video Tutorial

Cut out all the pieces.



1. Sew running stitch on the Pom Pom piece then pull the thread


2. Add polyester.


3. Insert one end of scarf inside of the Pom Pom, Pull the thread tight and sew it together to secure the Pom Pom and scarf.



1. Aline the pattern on the fold line, and trace it.


2. Stitch straight lines 1/4 of an inch a way from the edge.


3. Fold the mitten piece in half and stitch along a trace line (don’t stitch the cuff part yet)


4. Trim along the stitch line, Clip the curve on the corner of the thumb.


5. Turn it inside out.


6. On the right side stitch the cuff.


7. Trim the seam allowance.


8. Fold the cuff down


9. Fold under again using a stitch line as a guide.


10. Pin all around.


11. Stitch the cuff in place with whip stitch or ladder stitch


12. Repeat the process to make the other side



1.Traces ears pattern on the fabric.


2. Stitch along the trace line.


3. Trim seam allowance


4. Turn it inside out and put it aside.


5. Marks the ear placements


6. On top the beanie, stitch all 4 of the dart.


7. With the right side facing up, pin and stitch the ears in place.


8. Put second beanie on top of the first beanie and pins all around.


9. Mark 2 inches for the opening (The opening should be farther away from the ear)


10. Stitch around the beanie leaving 2 inches for the tuning.


11. Tune the inside out and stitch the opening closed.


12. Turn half of the beanie inside toward the ear.



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