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Doll shoes/Ballet flats

Updated: Jan 11

Today I made foam ballet flats for dolls! It's a cute, easy, and simple craft that you can do for yourself, without spending that much money! The pattern is available in both 14 &18 inches dolls, I hope you enjoy the tutorial and Happy Crafting!

Love, Bankky

Video Tutorial

PS. the printable patterns are at the bottom of the page!

General Materials I used :

- Colors foam sheet

- White foam board

- Kleenex box or cereal box

- CA glue from Starbond (Use Code HBCM10 at checkout to save 15% OFF!)

- Accelerator

- Scissors

Cut out all the pieces.


1. Draw a line 1/4" (0.6 cm) from the edge, Clip around the outer edge of the upper shoe.


2. Spray Accelerator on the sole (It helps dries super glue instantly)

Line up the sole with the upper shoe start gluing from the center and carefully apply glue to the rest of the tabs around the outside edge then glue the back of the shoe together.


3. Cut out foam scraps and glue in the middle of the sole to even out the surface.


4. glue the shoe to the outer sole


5. Measure the side of the shoe and cut strip of foam for the side of the shoe depending on how thick of cardboard you used (for me I cut 1/4") Glue the strip around.



Cut a skinny strip or make a cute tiny bow and glue it onto the top of the shoe.


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18" dolls Free Printable pattern Here!

14" dolls Free Printable pattern Here!


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