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Felt Coffee Mug With Changeable Drink

Updated: Jan 11, 2023

Play felt food is such a fun way for children to use their imagination. These Mugs such an amazing addition to their kitchen it holds shape pretty well. My kids were so excited to get their own color mugs with coffee, hot chocolate even green tea and of cause with whipping cream! They can have tea parties, play "restaurant," or "bakery," and serve all of their family (or stuffed animals)!

Video Tutorial



Polyester Poly-Fil

Cardboard or stabilizer

Embroidery Floss or threads

Stitches Used:

Whip Stitch

Blanket Stitch


Cut out all pieces according to patterns.

*Drink Pad, Changeable Drink and whipping cream use the same pattern

**For the mug fold along the line and cut inner piece, unfold the pattern and cut the outer

***For cardboard and stabilizer on the bottom cut circle slightly smaller then the pattern


1. On the inner mug piece, Use the drink pad pattern and mark along the line.


2. With the marking inside Sew the side of the inner mug together.


3. Fold the top of the inner mug and whip stitch the drink pad to the mug along the line.


4. Sew the side of the outer Mug together.


5. Put the inner mug inside the outer mug and whip stitch on top of both layers.


6. Mug handle fold the long edges into the centre and fold again in half;

Use blanket stitch sew around the handle then sew it to the mug.


7. Stuff the mug with Poly-Fil; Put cardboard or stabilizer and stitch the bottom close.


Changeable Drink Pad

1. Cut 2 pieces of circle; Use blanket stitch sew them together.


Whipping Cream

1. Cut 5 pieces, Fold each circle in half, then half again. Make a couple of stitches

in the corner so they hold their shape sew 4 pieces together then sew the fifth piece

in the center.


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Sue Floyd
Sue Floyd
17 ott 2023

Thank you so much for sharing. I made this mug and it's soooo adorable! All my grandkids are going to love it!! They are easy to make and I'm glad there's a video to follow. I'm going to have to make more since I have many, many grandchildren! Again, I can't thank you enough for sharing! -Sue

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