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Felt Play Pizza

Updated: Jan 11, 2023

When it’s come to play food, Pizza was one of my kids favorite in their little kitchen. I used to make the pizza topping separately but Ooh boy it’s not that fun when it’s time to put it away…to make this pizza clean up friendly I decided to stitch everything in place!

…WOW…it’s look pretty amazing but why I didn’t think about this sooner!?

Even though the kids not play with felt food as much as they used to…

(THEY GROW UP! Well, I see it coming) but that’s okay I will keep making toys anyway 😂 I don’t have to do what I do only for my own kids because I can share it to everyone, Children are born everywhere everyday and I hope this tutorials will be helpful to someone someday That satisfied me enough 😊

PS. the printable patterns are at the bottom of the page!

Video Tutorial

Cut out all the pieces.

  • 2 pieces of crust

  • 1 piece of pizza sauce

  • 1 piece of cheese

  • 3 pieces of pepperoni

  • 1 piece of mushroom

  • 2 pieces of ham

  • 2 pieces of olive

  • 3 pieces of pepper

1. Put pizza sauce on top of the crust add cheese piece and randomly stitch 3 pepperoni on top.


2. Stitch the mushroom somewhere on the pizza.


3. Add 2 pieces of ham stitch them in place.


4. Stitch 2 pieces of olive.


5. Stitch last 3 pieces of pepper.


6. Put the second piece of pizza crust on the bottom. Use running stitch; Stitch along the pizza sauce curve.


7. With blanket stitch; Stitch the right side and top of the crust until reach the other side. Stuff Poly fill inside the crust and sew the opening close.



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