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Felt turkey dinner tutorials

Updated: Jan 11, 2023

Cut 15 pieces According to patterns and 4 pieces of 5/8" wide 3” long velcro

I recommend preparing a lot of needle and thread to be ready it’s work much faster

Trace all the pattern markings I use big needle and water erasable pen


Drumsticks part

1. grab the white felt for bones and sew it to drumsticks part matching the marking points 



2. Sew in the velcro (soft part) whip stitch around then Lay down the back piece and whip stitch the bones part


3. stuff a little bit of poly-fill in the bone part 


4. and continue to sew leave an opening about 3” then stuff with poly-fill 


(optional roll scrap of felt inside the bone for more structure ) continue to sew the opening closed, set aside. 


Wings part

5. Sew in the velcro (soft part) whip stitch around 


6. Lay down the back piece and sew until reaching the wing tip part, 


7. sew blanket stitch along the bottom part


8. turn and continue to sew leave an opening about 3” stuff with poly-fill, 


9. sew the opening closed set aside. 


Turkey body part

10. Place 4 pieces velcro (rough part) on the body pieces matching the marking points and sew, this time I use a sewing machine with a zigzag stitch (you can hand sew but I’m getting tired)


11. Match up the two turkey body sides and sew This will be the top of the turkey, sew along until reaching the marking point


12. pin oval turkey body base and sew,


13. leave an opening to stuff poly-fill for few inches and stuff, sew the opening closed 


Match up a Velcro with Drumsticks and wings Now turkey is Done!


*tip you can use a small ruler for sewing guide to help with even stitch*


** somehow I didn’t like the way turkey land it, so I sew along the base front part for about 2” **


this is how the bottom of turkey look like


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Brandy Pettit
Brandy Pettit
Jan 02

Oh my goodness, this is the most amazing felt work I've seen yet! My babies are only 10 months old but I am excited for them to start playing "kitchen" and also it may take me 2 years to make them play food anyway... thank you for sharing your work!


Ayisha Begum
Ayisha Begum
Apr 22, 2021

Plz tell the fabric name which u

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