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Sewing machine pincushion

Updated: May 18, 2023

Don't I have enough pincushion? the answer is yes and NO! 😆 Who's care really!? I just love sewing and creating. This pincushion is so simple very fast to put together less than 10 minute and of cause very useful.

Video Tutorial

General Materials I used :

- 2 of 4 inches square cotton fabric

- Long Ribbon or elastic

Cut out all the pieces.

1. Pin the ribbon to the left and right side.


2. Put the second square on top and stitch, leave turning gap about 1 inch;

Use 1/4" seam allownce.


3. Trim the corners.


4. Turn the right side out through the opening gap.


5. Stuff it with Poly fill.


6. Use ladder stitch sew the opening close.




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