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Felt French Bread for kids play food and 18" dollsTutorial

Updated: Jan 11, 2023

In this tutorial, I will be showing you how to make Felt French bread for kids to play with in the kitchen or the cute tiny one for your dolls. I have thoroughly enjoyed making felt food for quite some time but never thought about making it for dolls before so I give it a try and it turns out pretty good better than what I expected so here it is...Hope you enjoyed this tutorial.

General Materials I used :

  • hand sewing or machine sewing

  • Tan and cream color felt

  • poly-fill

  • matching thread

  • pin

  • water erasable pen(to draw a guide for where to make cuts)

For bigger size French bread for kids plat kitchen do exactly the same in this tutorials.

1. Cut out 3 pieces according to patterns. Trace pattern markings the cuts on the cream color felt with water erasable pen.


2. Pin cream felt on top of tan felt and stitch along on the marking point, (Cream color will be the inside)

*For perfect Top Stitching DON’T BACKSTITCH pull the threads to the back and knot instead of backstitching.

3. Cut out 3 sections very close to stitches on felt tan color be careful not to cut the thread.


4. Trim the cream felt to reduce the bulk.


5. Pin the side with the cutouts to the remaining piece of tan felt. Stitch leaving an opening to stuff poly-fill in. leaving the threads long enough for hand stitch to close an opening.


6. Turn right side out; then stuff with poly-fill and Close the opening edge using a ladder stitch, And there you have it, gluten-free, carb-free French bread.



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