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Felt Play Hot Dog

Updated: Jan 11, 2023

We have a hot dog for Lunch not so long ago. Hot dog are one of the kid's favorites so I thought it would be fun to make it out of felt for the play kitchen. After lunch, I grab 1 leftover hot dog bun for example and go straight to my sewing machine. Normally I love to do hand stitch when it comes to felt food but not this time hehe 😁 I just want to create something quickly. The hot dog project turns out better than I expected I also included the hot dog tray along with the hot dog pattern. Again Thanks for stopping by I hope you enjoy the pattern.

Video Tutorial



Polyester Poly-Fil


Card stock Paper for hot dog tray


Cut out all pieces according to patterns.

Use 1/8 inch seam allowances

Backstitch at the beginning and end of each line of stitching


1. Fold and sew the long edges to make a tube leaving a small section in the middle open.


2. Gather tightly and secure shut both ends.


3. Turn right side out; draw grill mark and stuff with poly-fill.


4. Close the opening edge using a ladder stitch.


Hot Dog Buns

1. On outer Buns sew 4 darts closed and put aside.


2. Working on inner Buns cut the line in the middle.


3. Match up the outer Buns with inner Buns pin and stitch all around.


4. Turn right side out through the opening and stuff with poly-fill.


5. Pull the opening edges overlap each other pin in place and stitch across.


6. To keep the bun in place fold sew a couple of stitch on the bottom both sides of the bun.



1. Trace the pattern on felt and stitch.


2. Trim 1/8 inch away around along the stitch.


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