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How I made Craft Bag, DIY Craft Caddy tutorials

Updated: Jan 11, 2023

Cut all 18 pieces 

For sides of the bag 11" x 16" cut 4 [2 for outer, 2 for lining]

For ends of the bag 11" x 6"  cut 4 [2 for outer, 2 for lining]

For pockets outer 7" x 21" cut 4 

For pockets lining 7" x 21" cut 4

For handles 11" x 4" cut 2

* I use 1/4" seam allowances 


1. Place all of the pocket pieces right sides together with their linings and sew across the top. Turn the right way; press and top stitch 


2. Take the two outer sides of the bag and two pockets find the center point pin matching center stitch the sides and middle of the pockets, back stitch at the top end a couple of times to strengthen.


3. Fold and crease the pleats of the pockets, making sure they are the same distance from the center stitch and topstitch the creases. Pin, then sew straight across the bottom.  


4. For the inside pockets, again sew each end to the right side of the lining fabric. This time, randomly fold the fabric into “tubes” use maker as the guide; pin and sew down the edges of each tube, back stitch again at the top. Sew straight across the bottom, folding all the tubes over in the same direction.


5. Making the bag lining by sewing the sides to the ends, then pin in the base and sew.


6. Do the same with the outside of the bag but this time sew interfacing on the base piece then turn the right side out.


7. Drop the lining into the bag and pin the sides together sew around the top.


8. Trim down seam allowance, for the edges fold the ribbon in half sew all around the top I also add the decorative trim.  


9. Fold the top over about 2.5”, Insert the dowel under the fold along each long side, pin and stitch down the fold to hold the dowel in place.   


10. Make the handles and sew on the top of each sides securing with button at each end.




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1 Comment

Aug 24, 2020

Do you have the measurements for the dowel? What size diameter and the length, please?

I'm working on this right now, its coming along really great! Pockets are the only part I'm getting frustrated with so far. :)

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