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How to make patterns from your own clothes

Updated: Jan 11, 2023

Last week my daughter Amie  had a little accident spilled her juice all over her shirt 

so she borrowed school clothes back home 

She asked me if I could copy this pink dress for her...Well of course I said Yes!!!  This is how I do it!


With the wrong side Fold it in half and Lay back of the dress down on the paper 


Draw a dots  outline All around 


Shoulder part 


Fold sleeves up and make dots follow the original Armholes seam


Do the same thing for the sleeves part 


You will have something look like this ↑


Now connect all the dots 


Add seam allowance and hem


now you have back and sleeves patterns

let's make a front pattern 

I don’t want to waste my tracing  paper for the front bodice part Because it’s kind of the same patterns as the back 


I use leftover tracing  paper just  big  enough around the armholes part 


Copy  the back pattern and cut it out 


tape it to the back pattern. Make sure it matches up 


Fold it in half and Lay the front of the dress down on the paper 

Mark dots follow the seam around the neckline 


Connect the dots and Cut 


Now the patterns are done


When you use it just fold it under 😊


I bought this fabric last year from JoAnn its very fun print Zebras everywhere!

I made one size bigger for Amie Hopefully she can wear it till next year!


Thanks for stopping by

and allowing me to share a little of my passion

I Hope You Have a nice day!

And don't forget to Do more of what makes you happy!


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