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Sewing a Winter Coat

Updated: Mar 12

Free Printable patterns are at the bottom of the page!

Video Tutorial

General Materials I used

  • Felt

  • Thread

  • Buttons

  • Sewing machine

  • Fabric glue

Cut out all the pieces.


1. Pin flap (9) to lower edge of upper side front (2).


2. Pin pocket (8) over the flap (9). Stitch.


3. Trim seam allowance, Press seam toward upper side front, top stitch.


4. With the right sides together, stitch pocket (8) to upper edge of lower side front (3)


5.Trim seam allowance and top stitch.


6. Pin lower side front to upper side front at pocket, Stitch pocket edges keeping top of pocket free.


7. Pin side front to the front (1),  keeping pocket and flap free; stitch.


8.Trim seam allowance and topstitch.


9. Stitch the back (4) sections together at the center back.


10. Pin side back (5) to back; stitch.


11. Trim seam allowance, topstitch the center back and side back seam.


12. Pin tab (10) to the back, Sew the button to tab.


13. Pin front and back sections together at shoulder; Stitch.


14.Decoration stitch, sew two straight lines on the front and neckline.


15.With the wrong side pin collar (7) to the neck edge, matching centers; Stitch.


16. Trim; Topstitch the seam toward top of collar and along the edge.


Skip step 17 - 19 if you don’t want ruffle sleeve!

17. Stitch gather stitch on sleeve ruffle (11)


18. Pin sleeve ruffle to lower edge sleeve, Adjust gather; Stitch.


19. Remove gather stitch; Trim and topstitch sleeve ruffle seam.


20.With the right sides together, pin sleeve (6) to the armhole edge, stitch.


21. Trim armhole seam allowance and topstitch.


22. Pin sleeve and side seams in continuous seam; Stitch.


Skip step 23 - 25 if you don’t want ruffle

23. Stitch gather stitch on lower ruffle (12).


24. Pin ruffle to lower edge of the coat , Adjust gather; Stitch.


25. Remove gather stitch; Trim and topstitch lower ruffle seam toward top of the coat.


26. According to the pattern cut out buttonholes


27. Sew in buttons.


28. Apply fabric glue, fray check to secure the buttons in place.



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Anna Myagkaya
Anna Myagkaya
2 days ago

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Mi piace

09 mar

Thank you very much for the (winter coat) padern, can't wait to make a coat for me Daughters doll.

Mi piace
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