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Kids Montessori Apron with free printable pattern

Dear my crafty friends,

Usually, I only do doll printable patterns but because of many requests for this apron so I give it a try. In the pattern, I include 3 sizes S, M, L for kids 3-8 years old, The pattern is very simple and you can modify the length of the apron to match your kid's height by add couple inches on the bottom of the pattern. this project takes me less than 30 min and what I loved the most about this apron is the Velcro at the waist and neck strap make it easily slides overhead so they can manage this apron independently!

I hope you enjoy this tutorial (^_^)

PS. the printable patterns are at the bottom of the page!

Much Love


Video Tutorial


- Fabric requirement : (S 32" x 22"), (M 34" x 24"), (L 36" x 26")

- 16" -18" of 1" Elastic

- 2" of Velcro

Tip for sewing

*Print out all the pattern pieces and tape them together

from page 1A, 1B, 1C, 1D,1E Then cut to size you want.

**Prewash, dry and iron your fabric before you sew it.

***Use 1/4 seam allowances

****Waistband and neckband using the same pattern.

*****Don't forget to backstitching at the beginning and end of a seam

to hold the stitches in place.


1. Fold the strap for neckband; stitch the long edge and turn right-side out then

insert elastic, stitch both ends of strap to secure the elastic.

2. Fold the waistband; stitch one short edge and along the long edge,

Trim the corner and turn the right side out; Press.

3. Stitch rough side of Velcro to the finished edge of the waistband and topstitch.

4. Pin the neck strap and waistband to the apron front piece, make sure the Velcro side facing toward you.

5. Put the apron lining piece on top, pin start stitching from the side of apron leaving 3" for turning.

6. Clip the curve and corner.

7. Turn the right side out; Press.

8. Stitch the soft side of Velcro to the front of the apron then topstitch all around.

Montessori Apron Printable pattern HERE!

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